Eriskay ponies are a  rare breed from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Before the days of tractors these ponies were used by the crofters for riding, ploughing and carrying and were greatly valued by the family. They are an easy-going, people friendly breed rising to 13.2 h.h. and are particularly good for children, being narrow and comfortable to sit on, yet they are strong and capable of carrying small adults. Sheila McKinnon-Wood, from Lochoir Pony Stud,  breeds Eriskays on the Isle of Coll. She has greatly helped save the breed from extinction and has built up a sizeable herd of top quality registered Eriskay ponies.
For several years now I have worked alongside the Lochoir Pony Stud, training and selling on the ponies. Here, they gain a wealth of experience;  riding out, both alone and in company; learning to be well-mannered, sensible and sensitive to the aids. They become accustomed to traffic, other animals and children and learn to socialize with the resident herd.
Ponies are available at various stages of training.