Past Experiences


Katha from Germany  2007

`Being a working student at Tullich is an experience I wouldn`t have wanted to miss. From the beginning, I felt welcomed and loved the atmosphere of true understanding and learning that`s going on between horse and human. Shuna always tried to find the best way to help the unique pair of horse and human in front of her to understand each other and to work a way through whatever problem may arise. As a working student you have a lot of freedom to practise what you`ve learned on your own, but I never felt left alone with my horsemanship. If you`re looking for inspiration and self-development in your relation to horses, that`s the place to go.`



Josefin from Sweden 2008
I really miss the horses and I have only been riding once since I got home, with my friend on her lovely arab horses.
I noticed a big difference in my riding since the last time I rode that particular horse, I was a lot more relaxed and confident this time, and more balanced as well.
Again, thank you so much for everything you have taught me and everything you have let me discover by myself, it has completely changed my view of horses and I feel like I can understand them more, and don't have to worry so much around them.
I have also noticed that a lot of the things you need in horsemanship, you also need in dancing... for example, you need to keep your own balance, be in tune with your partner, listen to each other, and for it to be at the highest level you need a strong connection so that it seems you can follow at the mere thought of the other. So in this area too my horsemanship has helped me.