When I first contacted Shuna Shaw I was at my wits end.  I thought this beautiful horse was just going to be a very big and very expensive pet as I just couldn’t see a way forward.

Like many people I purchased a “broken-in” riding horse, but it was soon evident that untold damage had been done to him, probably during the “breaking-in”. He was terrified of the saddle and it was a fight to get the bridle on. Everywhere I went he shied, jumped and bolted, it was truly dangerous to be out on him


He went to Shuna and came back the same beautiful horse but now he was calm and brave, the difference is remarkable. He stands calmly to be tacked-up, he even brings his head down to take the bridle or head collar.

To watch Shuna work with a horse (especially when it is your own horse) just takes your breath away. There is nothing she can’t get a horse to do willingly. To see such kindness given to a troubled horse and the respect that same horse shows in return within just a few moments is truly incredible. It has to be seen to be believed.

The ongoing support has been superb. Whenever I have a concern about anything, Shuna is at the end of the telephone to offer advice.

Her stables seem to attract a whole host of Natural Horsemanship and Holistic experts which are very useful to tap into.

All in all, the best thing I ever did for myself and Raven was to be put in touch with Shuna Shaw at Easy Horse, I can never thank her enough.       

Johanne Sim, Tighnabruaich, Argyll.