Preparing the young horse for backing is probably the most important part of their ridden life. Through the training process the young horse's fear and uncertainty of the unknown is replaced with knowledge and curiosity and I create a calm and confident riding horse who is able to move on to the next stages with his owner .

"Prepare the horse for the unexpected"

An important part of the horses training is the environment. As a working farm, there are many possibilities at Tullich for the horse to have a broad all round education. 

What to expect when your horse is ready to leave here

  •  to be easily caught and relaxed when handled
  •  to pick up his/her feet and be prepared for the farrier/equine podiatrist
  •  to stand still to be saddled, bridled and mounted
  •  confident in walk, trot and canter and on the way to developing rhythm and  balance
  • to respond to light leg and rein aids
  • happy to be ridden out in company or alone
  • to have had experience in traffic.
  • to load quietly into a trailer or lorry
  • to tie up safely

Finally, and most importantly, the horse will have learnt to trust and be eager to continue learning.

The rider and owner will hopefully play a huge part in this - the training is not only about what I can do with the horse.

Initial assessment and on-going progress
This assessment will give an idea of how long the horse will need to be here for training, probably 3 to 6 weeks. Every horse will be treated as an individual.

Owners will receive detailed weekly progress reports. There will be opportunities to watch the training sessions and to be involved. After the training period I am pleased to offer on-going lessons and support.